I would love to be your doula.

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I believe that as women we have options and choices when it comes to child birth. Today it is more accessible than ever to educate and prepare ourselves for the wonder of pregnancy and birth. If you take the time to understand your body, emotions, and choices you can experience peace and confidence as the day draws near.  To be an active participant in the process of “life” is truly a gift.  I encourage women to receive this gift with open hands.

My role is to support you as you prepare for child birth, and to be a calming, encouraging presence on that day.  I work hard to support your partner as well, and to help you both prepare in way that aligns with your values and goals. 

Often, we bring expectations into the labor and delivery process that can cause frustration and even heartache.  Instead of entering child birth with heavy expectations, I work with you to develop a birthing plan that establishes some guidelines, identifies desires, and maintains flexibility.  This preparation can help you confidently respond to whatever you may face.

Whether you pursue a birth without interventions (often called a "natural" birth) or decide for the various ways hospitals can assist you, the most important thing is that you make confident, informed choices.  At the end of the day, your main goal will be to see your baby come into this world in the most healthy way possible, and that you are an active participant throughout the journey.  I hope to help you in that goal.