Doula coaching

Our work is full of it's own sets of uncertainties. We are called to support, empower, educate and equip our clients to feel safe and prepared as they enter their birthing stage. Then we join them to provide physical and emotional support to help them thrive on their walk ahead. My role as a certified birth doula is to do just this for my personal clients. But what I also want to offer to those who are desiring support as well, as they walk alongside others.. is to be a doula to the doula. I will provide emotional, educational and accessible support to the aspiring and working doula. As I continue to journey into the field of birth, I have found that aspiring birth workers really benefit and thrive when provided with accessible support. This can range from how to get started in birth work, to how to write an effective contract. What really seems to be helpful is when a birth doula is in the field and just needs to chat with another birth worker to help her consider all options while supporting a mother. I aim to provide such support to fellow birth doulas. 

Services Offered

6 month commitment  - $175 per month  - INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING:

60 minute coaching call (facetime or phone)  scheduled monthly

Access to resources, referrals, and suggestions for moving forward in your work, what ever stage you are in. 

Unlimited text and phone support

Immediate phone/text support while your attending a client 

Develop a business plan and personal growth plan

Emotional support during challenging times 

* Can meet in person for added charge

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